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Aging in Place and Other Choices in Olympia, WA

Study Group Forming for SENIOR CO-HOUSING

As a real estate agent in Olympia, Washington I have the opportunity to not only represent many senior buyers and sellers but because I have lived here in the Capitol of Washington State for over 30 years, I actually have had the opportunity  to socialize with most of my clients because of shared interests.   They basically are my peers.  I ahve walked in Procession of the Species since it's beginnng with most of them.   They may be a a friend of a friend, a past customer of Jinjor, a fellow Eco-building guild member, or a person who read one of my many artilcles in The Daily Olympian where I used to have a fashion column.  When someone has a face and a long common history with you, one tends to act, I believe in a more caring and more positively engaged way towards them.

The way I would characterize Senior Co-Housing for myself is an opportunity to grow older in a habitat of my own choosing.   While there are other oppotunities for Senior Living, such as Jubille or Panarama City, here in Olympia, they do not meet my needs as an active senior who likes using my wisdom and expertise in making decisions conscerning my natural habitiat.   This  may change, but for now, I feel I have a few good years left to be an active participant in making these and other decisions for myself.   The main difference in modeling Senior Co-Housing is that it is self managed by the residents themselves while other options for senior living are "Managed Care Facilities."  

Look for the new STUDY GROUP FORMING SG1

This group is aimed at 50+ year olds who want to manage aging successfully in place in a manner in which they choose.  The Study Group will be held at Fertile Ground Commons and will run once a week for about ten weeks.

Sign up by e-mailing me at:  debra@greenvillagerealty.com      and let me know you want to be on the mailing list when I have dates set.   or text   Aging Successfully to   360-970-6826

Watch my facebook page for an invite at Short Stay Lodgings.   Class size is limited so e-mail me Soon!