• Green Features A to Z

Going Green from A to Z at Short Stay Olympia

A: OUR KITCHEN IS FOR THE CHEF OR PERSON WHO LOVES TO COOK OR NEEDS TO COOK FOR THEMSELVES WHILE TRAVELING TO OLYMPIA.  EAT WELL WHILE YOU STAY AT OUR APARTMENT HOTEL AND STAY HEALTHY. CHOOSE YOUR FOOD AND PREPARE IT IN THE BEST EQUIPPED VACATION RENTAL IN THE NORTHWEST!   In the kitchen, I also provide cloth napkins and tablecloth and wine glasses and glass dishes. NO Plastic. Stainless steel cookware is provided. Storage containers which are glass with lids are provided for storage of leftovers or whatever.

B: I provide cloth shopping bags for guests for shopping at the grocery or Olympia Farmer’s Market.
C: I recycle and ask guests to recycle as we leave instructions from the city as to what to recycle and how. I provide separate recycle bins both in the apartments and separate garbage cans from the city to insure recycling.
D: I refill bottles from bulk orders to fill dish soap, liquid soap for the dishwasher, laundry detergent. cleaning supplies, liquid soap in the bathroom and kitchen. I supply guests with all those items so that they will not bring in extra plastic or throwaway bottles or toxic cleaning products when staying at Short Stay Lodgings.
E: I support family time at Short Stay Lodgings by creating a space that is not TV/gamer based and has easy access to the public library(right next door) and the YMCA which has a heated indoor pool and work out room. Our family friendly features plenty of space for overnight visiting grand-children. Ok so we still have a flat screen TV and HBO and up to 900 channels including sports and Disney!
F: I buy in bulk for cleaning supplies. I buy organic concentrated cleaning products to reduce the amount of product that I use.
G: I buy toilet paper and paper towels from Green Forest which is made from.....I provide this for both long and short term guests.
H: Our local Olympia Batdorf and Bronson Organic coffee beans and coffee grinder are provided for every guest. A blender is provided to make health drinks and cookbooks for health are also left int he kitchen.
I: I use all CFL'S .......light bulbs.
J: My faucets are low flow.
K: When I replace most items I upgrade to energy efficient appliances, light bulbs, HVAC systems.
L: I began the business in 2007 with all organic towels and sheets but found they were not holding up and would pill for the amount of usage. I now have 100% cotton towels and sheets and am researching organic alternatives for my next purchase.
M: I pay my employees a fair wage which is significantly higher than minimum wage and try to give flexible scheduling for both students and single parent employees and when possible allow parents to bring children to work while they are cleaning.
N: I donate part of my profits to organizations which support woman’s education. I donate to a variety of organizations on a regular basis as part of my vision to be community minded.

O: The Landscape never gets any pesticides. All gardening is done by hand. I have planted some drought resistant plants and am beginning to plant edible gardens on the grounds. Ok so I planted lavender and not sure what category that falls into but I really love lavender.
P: I leave a gift basket of organic treats including cookies, fruit in season, chocolate, and drinks for guests. Organic tea  and hot chocolate are also left int he apartment as well as fresh local herbs and spices for cooking.
Q: I try to overlay and promote green practices in my personal life as an example to my guests. Sometimes they want to hear about sustainability but sometimes they don’t and that is Ok too.
R: I am a green real estate broker. See: www.greenvillagerealty.com  My broker is Vincent Schwent and also installs large commercial solar systems for low  income housing and other commercial venues.
S: My office(also used for special event space for guests) has radiant heat floors which were installed during a workshop with the Northwest Ecobuilding Guild. This was a fund raiser for the Guild. All materials in the office were primarily purchased at Habitat for Humanity. All windows and doors were from recycled inventory. Local contractors were employed and paid a fair wage.
T: I network with other businesses which promote sustainable practices.
U: I share space with my neighboring properties and helped to purchase chickens and landscaping materials.
I helped to promote the use of the Eco-house and early on encouraged the participation of like minded people who would co-operate with the vision of Fertile Ground Commons.

V: I built a deck which blurred the property line between Fertile Ground Guest House and Short Stay Lodgings. The Bed and Breakfast often uses the deck for events and I use the garden area for events there by promoting the economic and social value of co-operative neighbors rather than building fences.
W: I have bikes available for rent for $1 per day and free helmets to promote fitness and leaving car keys at home.
X: I have educational books, games, and toys available for use during our guest's stay including a puppet theater.
Y: I chose a location which gives access to and promotes downtown business. Our location has a “Walkability” Index of 85 which means 85% of things to do in downtown are places you can walk to from Short Stay Lodgings.
Z: I developing recipes from my travels at ecovillages which I will post on the website which promote healthy organic eating and purchasing local food. I presently list gluten free restaurants and other healthy Olympia venues on my website.
Events that happen at Short Stay Lodgings promote Olympia community and the arts such as Art's Walk and Procession of the Species.