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Defining Diet - Defining Lifestyle

Today I begin my journey from the self- talking about my weight to actually taking action.   I have been so busy researching diets and assuming I know what to do that I have not even begun to loose the body fat that has so over taken my everyday life.   From having energy to being comfortable in my clothes to sleeping patterns, the time has come for change..   Botttom line is I am not feeling so good and I have to do something pretty dramatic.  A Walk around Capitol Lake might be a better afternoon than going out to eat.   I am at least 30 lbs. heavier than I should be  or than I want to be.  Same difference, I guess.

I went to lunch at Ramblin' Jack's on fourth last week with a  good friend who is a mother of three young children and coming close to finishing her PHD.   We get together about every 4-6 weeks to catch up and this time she looked amazing.  About 20 lbs were gone and her energy was vibrant.  With all that she has to keep going, I was really impressed.

She had started a variation on the Atkins diet and it was as simple as that.  I started today and hope to loose about fifteen lbs in the next few weeks.  I will let you knwo about my recipes and the rest as I figure things out.  I am not sure how many restaurants tell you about carbs on the menu but if they exist, I will find them.

figuring out what carbs are and how they affect my energy and weight is a bit tedious but who said doing anything well is easy.