Vacation Rentals are Good for Traveling Foodies

If you are just looking for a place to sleep,  then a Vacation Rental is most likely not going to be your first choice for Hotel Accomodations. However, if you are coming to Olympia and you want to experience local food and get a real taste of the local culture than you might want to try a Vacation Rental.

The most important difference between a fine hotel in Olympia and a fine vacation rental is in the kitchen. Hotels do not have a kitchen available for guests and when they offer a meal, it is usually a smorgasbord of Costco ingredients or other warehouse food from boxes and cans. The fruits or veggies are rarely locally grown and fresh.  The foods available when staying at a hotel or motel are generally less than one might desire during a vacation.  Your vacation  is your time to really enjoy and savor, not only the moment, but the best Olympia has to offer and to share it with friends and family in your own kitchen.
I have stayed in many hotel apartments or cottage rentals and found some with an excellent kitchen while others were sorely lacking in basic amenities. A small fridge and microwave do not a kitchen make. It is why I have designed the kitchen at Short Stay Lodgings to give a decent chef a fighting chance at creating a wonderful feast. From wine glasses to cheese boards and organic coffee, to pie pans and baking dishes, dishwasher, full fridge and stove, from stainless steel cookware and chef's knives, our fully equipped kitchen's are your gateway to enjoying and creating healthy meals from fresh local foods of your choice. Whether you shop at our Olympia Farmer’s Market or bring home excellent take out from one of our local downtown restaurants, then staying at a vacation rental must be your first choice.

Have you considered the cost of a fine bottle of wine at a restaurant or  shall you sip in privacy over a candle light dinner at "Your Home Away From Home"!  Oh Ye Wanderer’s - You even get to choose the music on over 100 cable channels.   If you care about what goes into your mouth and the mouths of the people you love and if you care about supporting the local economy, if you love to cook, then staying at our two bedroom fully furnished hotel apartments “Short Stay Lodgings” is a good choice for traveling foodies everywhere!

Make sure you read Recipes from our Travels.  If you have a good recipe, I would love to share it with our guests.  Please e-mail to      I will be trying to add at least one new recipe a week.  I am working on a series of gluten-free recipes.